Other Bands in the Pogues Universe

With the demise of the Pogues and Shane's less than prolific release of new material, it's nice to know that there are other bands following in their wake. Of course it was alot easier to sample these artists before the corporate wags and their henchmen in the courts shut Napster down, but I encourage anyone who likes the Pogues to give any of these bands a shot. While none of them capture the Pogues' spirit completely, and none, to my ears, match the Pogues (although Flogging Molly is coming real close), they are definitely worth a listen. If anybody has any missing links or knows of other bands, feel free to email me and I'll add it.


Big Bad Bollocks


Black 47


Blood or Whiskey

Saw Doctors

Bogside Rogues

Seanchi and the Unity Squad



Dropkick Murphys

The Skels

Flogging Molly


Gael Force

The American Wake

Jimmy George

The Band From County Hell

Greenland Whale Fishers

The Belt of the Celts


The Boys from the County Hell


The Tossers

Also try Shite'n'Onions (great site with news, concert dates, etc., plus links to many more bands than I have here)

Artists Who've Been Pulled into the Pogues Orbit

Pogues Tune Covered and Where
American Wake
Sunnyside of the Street (The Wake)
Auld Triangle (The Wake)
Nick Cave
Rainy Night in Soho (What a Wonderful World single)
Dropkick Murphys
Billy's Bones (Singles Collection, vol. 1)
Dillinger 4
Sally MacLennane (Rebel's Choice 7" split)
Face to Face
Sunnyside of the Street (Standards and Practices)
Dirty Old Town (Have Fun or Get Out)
Young Ned Of the Hill (Have Fun or Get Out)
Jesus & Mary Chain
Ghost of a Smile (Come On single b-side)
Christy Moore
A Pair of Brown Eyes (Unfinished Revolution)
Fairytale of New York (Smoke & Strong Whiskey)
Aisling (Smoke & Strong Whiskey)
No Use for a Name
Fairytale of New York (More Betterness)
Oysterband with June Tabor
Lullaby of London (Freedom and Rain)
Fiesta (Strapped Live)
Fairytale of New York (Tribute to the Pogues cd single)
Dirty Old Town (Tribute to the Pogues cd single)
Young Ned of the Hill (Pint of No Return)