2001 Updates

Updates: 28 December -- added "Her Father Didn't Like Me Anyway," to the Snake page; added "Minstrel Boy," "She Moves Through the Fair" to the Shane Singles page
27 December -- added "Hippy Hippy Shakes" and "Man Called Horse" to the Shane Singles page; updated "Fairytale"
20 December -- added a new page, "Shane & the Popes Singles," and kicked it off with "Christmas Lullaby"
15 December -- added "My Baby's Gone" and "Four O'Clock in the Morning."
14 December -- added a reference on the title to "Fairytale of New York."
11 December --
added some more info to "Boys from the County Hell," "Wildcats of Kilkenny," and "Rock and Roll Paddy"
24 November -- added another entry to the "sightings" page
20 November -- added some new info to "Waxie's Dargle"
16 November --
added some new info to "Billy's Bones;" and added another song mentioning Shaney Mac to the "Pogues Sightings" page.
5 October -- added info on the "universe" page (found another band covering some Pogues tunes)
15 September --
added some info to "Paddy Public Enemy #1" on Crock of Gold.
28 August -- corrected lyrics on "Six to Go"
2 August -- updated "Fiesta"
27 July -- added some info on "Sunnyside of the Street," corrected lyrics to "Waitress" on the Popes page.
19 July -- added "Sea Shanty"
14 July -- added "In and Out" to the Singles page; updated "Blue Heaven," and added another entry into the Pogues sighting list
4 July --
added a pic to "Drunken Boat," a link on the "Band in the Pogues Universe" page
30 June -- updated Rain Street
26 June -- added a few bands to the bands page
24 June -- updated "London, You're a Lady."
22 June -- updated "Holloway Boulevard"
21 June -- updated "Dark Streets of London," "Old Main Drag," "B & I Ferry," and the opening explanation for the title on "Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash" (added more info from A Drink with Shane MacGowan)
19 June -- updated "Hot Dogs with Everything" (added more info from the A Drink With Shane MacGowan memoir), "Curse of Love, " "Train of Love," "Eyes of an Angel" (revised lyrics), "Smell of Petroleum;" added a link for songs/writing that mentions the Pogues
16 June --
updated "Sick Bed of Cuchulainn," "Shanne Bradley," "Rock and Roll Paddy." Basically I've incorporated some of the info culled from the new Shane/Victoria Clarke memoir, A Drink with Shane MacGowan.
9 June -- updated "Wake of the Medusa," fixed the link to Picadilly Circus in "Old Main Drag"
8 June -- updated "White City," "Rock and Roll Paddy."
7 June -- fixed some dead links (actually my coding for the links) on "Grace;" updated "London You're a Lady," and "Sally MacLennane;"added another section on the "Bands" page for bands that have covered Pogues/Shane tunes.
3 June -- updated "Drunken Ship," "Paddy Rolling Stone;" corrected some technical glitches in the links on the opening page.
31 May -- fixed a link to "Hells' Ditch," corrected some typos in "Haunting"; added "How Come," "When the Ship Comes In"; updated "London You're a Lady."
30 May -- completely revamped the look of the page; added "Curse of Love" lyrics; updated "More Pricks than Kicks," "A Pair of Brown Eyes"
16 May-- added "More Pricks than Kicks," updated "Down all the Days."
5 May -- Not really an update, more of an apology/explanation for the lack of updates and other technological problems. My father-in-law suffered a heartattack and died on 28 February, and the past few months have been brutal on the homefront. I have quite a few contributions from fans to add that I should have up within the next two weeks. On the technology end, earthlink is my host, and they have a pretty ridiculous policy on web traffic; to whit: when a site generates "too much" traffic, they shut it down. The way it was explained to me, sites with "too much" traffic are generally for-profit sites and they want you to pony up some extra bucks to become a business client. I've tried to explain to them that this isn't a commercial enterprise, but to no avail.
22 February -- updated "Sick Bed of Cuchulainn"
19 February -- added "Pistol for Paddy Garcia," and some info on "Gartloney Rats"
18 February -- some corrections to "Billy's Bones" and "Waltzing Matilda."
17 February-- added "Gartloney Rats"
16 February -- added "USA;" updated "Cotton Fields."
5 February -- added a reference to "Streams of Whiskey"
31 January -- added some more info on "Drunken Boat."
20 January -- added a pic of the James Clarence Mangan statue in Stephen's Green in Dublin plus a link to some biographical info on Mangan.
19 January -- added "Drunken Boat," the section in the Pogues universe (plus the accompanying link); updated "B & I Ferry," and "Muirshin Durkin."
16 January -- added "Turkish Song of the Damned," updated "Fiesta" (again!)
12 January -- added "London Girl," a few new references to "Transmetropolitan."
11 January -- added new reference for the "green queens" in "5 Green Queens," some new info (a quote from Shane) to "Kitty" and "Hell's Ditch," a reference or two added to the "Popes" page.
8 January -- added an MP3 file of "The Lichtensteiner Polka," the original source for "Fiesta," added some info on "Transmetropolitan."
5 January 2001 -- some additions to "Hot Dogs with Everything" on the Pogues singles page; clarified lyrics on "Holloway Boulevard," "Pump Action Paddy," and "Waitress" on the Popes page; added some info on "Holloway Boulevard."