Updates from July to December 2000


29 December -- added info on "Waitress" to the Popes page
26 December -- moved the mp3 files to another site... got word from the earthlink people that my site was generating too much traffic and that they'd shut it down for a bit unless I did something. Apparently they calculate the traffic based on the size of the site and by trimming the size of the site I'll be able to accomodate more hits. Anyway, right now there are links to the mp3 files that were here at one point. Corrected some errors on the Popes lyrics page (nothing major, added a word here and there).
15 December -- added a graphic to "Billy's Bones," some new info to "Boys from the County Hell," "Fiesta."
3 December - added a first run for the lyrics on the Popes' "Holloway Boulevard" cd
2 December - started on Shane's post Pogues work, up and running with about 6 songs so far
3 November - added "Dirty Old Town"
27 October - added "Old Main Drag;" revisions to "Kitty," "Battle of Brisbane", "Pair of Brown Eyes," and "Jack's Heroes."
22 September - updated "Wildcats of Kilkenny," "Fiesta."
12 September - updated "Irish Ways" on the "singles" page (added the full lyrics)
5 September - added some mp3 files of interviews to the singles page ("youngned") and to "Peace and Love" (on "Tombstone)
24 August - updated "Amadie" (added a link to an interview with Darryl discussing the "Pogue Mahone" album); added "Jack's Heroes" and "Planxty Noel Hill" to the singles page
17 August - updated "Tombstone" (added excerpts from an interview with Darryl and Jem); added "Young Ned Dub" to the singles section (basically just more excerpts from the interview with Darryl and Jem), and "Train of Love" (the lyrics, as best as I can determine)
16 August - added "Tombstone" and "London You're a Lady;" added a first shot at the lyrics for "Rake at the Gates of Hell"
14 August - added "Wildcats of Kilenny" (not much, mostly just a pic I took of Kilkenny); full lyrics to "Paris St. Germain" to the singles section
10 August - added the first six tunes to the "Singles" section (including full lyrics for "Hot Dogs with Everything" and others), moved "Everyman is a King" from "Muirshin Durkin" to the singles page
5 August - added "Misty Morning, Albert Bridge," "Amadie," and "Pont Mirabeau."
4 August - added "Smell of Petroleum," "Haunting," "Girl from the Wadi Hammamat," and "Pachinko."
1 August - updated "White City" (added a pic), "Billy's Bones," "Thousands are Sailing;" added "Every Man is a King" (it's inside the Muirshin Durkin link for now)
31 July - updated "Transmetropolitan" (a reference for Arlington House), "White City" (added a pic); added "Billy's Bones"
29 July - added "Sally MacLennane"
28 July - updated "Whisky You're the Devil," and "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go" (basically I just included the lyrics to Shane's "The Dunes")
27 July - updated "Red Roses" (a reference for the album/cd title); added "5 Green Queens"
13 July - updated "Sick Bed" (a reference to "Billy in the Bowl")
3 July - updated "Down in the Ground" (added missing lyrics from the first verse) and "Brisbane"
1 July - updated "Boat Train" (added verse missing from the lyrics sheet in the cd/album); added "Down all the Days."
22 June - added "Sunnyside of the Street," "Sayonara," and "Hell's Ditch."
21 June - updated "Fiesta," and "Six to Go."
16 June - updated "Cuchulain," "Boat Train."
13 June - added "Maidrin Rua"
12 June - added "Fiesta," "Sit Down by the Fire."
11 June - updated "Jesse James," "Medley," some minor aesthetic revisions on "Triangle;" added "Kitty."
9 June - updated "Brown Eyes," "White City," "Boat Train;" added "Cotton Fields, " "Blue Heaven."
7 June - updated "Dark Streets of London," "Cuchulainn," "Boat Train," and "Rain Street."
6 June - updated "Brown Eyes;" added "Muirshen Durkin," "I'm a Man You Don't Meet Everyday," "Rain Street."
5 June - updated "Thousands", "Matilda," "Young Ned;" added "Jesse James," "Repeal of the Licensing Laws," "Dingle Regatta."
4 June - cosmetic changes to "Medley," some minor editorial revisions on others, added "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda," "The Auld Triangle."
3 June - updated "Down in the Ground Where the Dead Men Go," and "Thousands are Sailing;" added "Battle of Brisbane."
2 June - updated "White City", "Cuchulainn," "County Hell;" added "Wake of the Medusa" and "Pair of Brown Eyes."
1 June - updated "Transmetropolitan," "House of the Gods," corrected some typos
31 May 2000 - we're up and running with about 12 tunes.