Update History for 2002:


14 September -- amended "Sick Bed," fixed a broken link in "I'm a Man you Don't Meet," added some info to "Jesse James."
13 September -- a plaintive cry for help as I destroyed my email and lost everybody's addy.
14 April -- updated "Song with No Name" and "Body of an American"
31 March -- added the lyrics for "Granuaille"
30 March -- updated "Sayonara," "Sunnyside of the Street," "Amadie"
24 March -- added "Popes Instrumental" to the "Broad Atlantic" page.
23 March -- added a pic to "Thousands are Sailing"
22 March -- nothing major, just corrected some typos and tightened up the phrasing a bit on a few tunes on "Crock."
21 March -- updated "Down in the Ground," "Kitty," "Sick Bed of Cuchulainn," "Billy's Bones","Body of an American." "Blue Heaven," "Victoria,"
9 March -- added a new page for Shane's "Across the Broad Atlantic," so far a weak reference for the title and some info on the tune "Granuaille"
8 March -- added some info on "Gartloney Rats"
7 March -- added some info to "Sick Bed," "Wild Cats of Kilkenny," "Everyman is a King"
7 February -- added another band (The Rogues) to the band page; and a link to a page that offers guitar tabs for the Pogues and Shane MacGowan catalog
19 January -- added another band (The American Wake) to the band page.
9 January -- added "Body of an American" to the Pogues singles page; modified "Jack's Heroes" a bit on the same page
7 January -- added a new band (Siobhan) to the band page
4 January 2002 -- added a bit more to "Christmas Lullaby" and "Man Called Horse."