Update History for 2003:


17 January 2003 -- my semester from hell is over. Apologies to all for the lack of updates through fall 2002. Amended the lyrics to "Pump Action Paddy" on the Popes page; added some info to "The Snake with Eyes of Garnet" on Shane's "The Snake" page.
1 February -- added some info to "Rain Street"
23 January -- added "Navigator" to the "Rum, Sodomy" page; cleaned up some links on the "bands" page; added an entry to the Pogues sightings page.
7 March -- added some info to "Drunken Boat" on the "Waiting for Herb" page; "Man called Horse" on the "Shane singles" page; "St. John of Gods" on the "Crock" page; and "Donegal Express" on Shane's "Snake" page.
4 April -- added some info to "Thousands are Sailing" on "Grace"
16 March -- added a band -- Belt of the Celts -- to the bands page
8 May -- changed the links for Blood or Whiskey and the Tossers on the band page.
21 August -- fixed a link on "House of the Gods" and amended the lyrics to "Chino's Place"
25 September -- added "The Band from County Hell" to the "Bands" page
28 September - added some info to"Five Green Queens" on the Hell's Ditch page; a great story about the making of "A Man Called Horse" on the Shane's Singles page; another band (The McKrells) to the bands page; fixed a few broken links
1 October -- added a slew of comments from Jem Finer about Finer-penned tunes in the Pogues catalog. The comments come from the liner notes to the new (!) release: "Jem Finer (of the Pogues)" that Juergen from http://www.shanemacgowan.de was kind enough to pass along.
4 October -- added another mention of the Pogues in song: The McKrell's "Geraldine's Thinking of Galway."
12 November -- added another band "The Boys from the County Hell" to the bands page
26 November -- added some info to "Sick Bed of Cuchullain," "Rain Street," and "Fiesta."
12 December
-- corrected some info on "Boys from County Hell."
24 December -- added a small blurb to "Lorca's Novena" about a recent New Yorker article discussing attempts to locate and recover Lorca's body.
28 December -- added some info to "Irish Ways" on the "Singles" page.
30 December -- added "If I Should Fall from Grace" to the album of the same name; plus a first run at the lyrics for two Jem Finer tunes that appear on the "Jem Finer of the Pogues" release (both are on the "Single and Eclectica" page.