Update History for 2004:


3 January 2004 -- nothing major, just lots of subtle tweaking here and there over the past few days.
10 January -- added another blurb to "Wildcats of Kilkenny" on the "Rum, Sodomy, & the Lash" page.
27 January -- added some info to Shane's "Broad Atlantic" release (the lyrics to "GoodBye, Mick)
3 February
-- corrected a date in "When the Ship Comes In" on "Pogue Mahone;" added some new info to "Fiesta"
5 February -- added another version of the lyrics for "Granuaille" on Shane's "Broad Atlantic" page
16 February -- added some info to "Boat Train," fixed a typo in "Thousands are Sailing."
6 February -- added some into to "Wake of the Medusa" on the Hell's Ditch page.
8 February -- added some info to "Paris St. Germain" on the "singles" page
19 February -- added a blurb about an upcoming Flogging Molly gig for a show in the NYC area on 3 March.
20 February -- added some info to "Broad Majestic Shannon"
3 April -- added "Bogside Rogues" to the bands page.
23 April -- added a mention from "The Onion" to the "Pogues sightings" page.
28 May
-- added a mention from the New York Times Book Review to the "Pogues sightings" page.
7 November -- Gave the page a much needed overhaul; hope it's easier to navigate now
12 November -- Added some tidbits to "Sally MacLennane;" ongoing cosmetic changes to the new layout of the page.
23 November -- added another reference to Shaney Mac from Jesse Malin to the "sightings" page