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Over the years I've tried to keep an eye out for occasions when the Pogues were mentioned in other songs or in other literary works (rather than mentions in news accounts). I've arranged them in no particular order. If anyone has others, please send them along to: fmoran @ Thanks!


Black 47
"Rockin' the Bronx"
Fire of Freedom (EMI, 777-806862)

"Then we went into the studio, made a tape

Frank Murray from the Pogues said 'I think that it's great'..."

Paddy a Go-Go
"50 Pints of Stout"
Keep it Reel (Dympna)

"When it comes to stout, I'm willing and I'm able
Drink the Pogues right under the table..."

The McKrell's
"Geraldine's Thinking of Galway"

"And the band it is playing
Geraldine's swaying
to the tune of 'A Pair of Brown Eyes' "

Seanchaí & the Unity Squad
"Neon Beacon"
Sunday at the Turn of the Century (Unity)

"A lighthouse guides a sailor
Safe and sound to the shore
I could hear MacGowan blaring
As I opened up the door..."

Seanchaí & the Unity Squad
"A Rocky Christmas"
(thanks to Griff for passing this along)

"...And drink and think
And drink some more and think some more
Singing with MacGowan
Forgot what I was stressing for
"The boys of the N.Y.P.D. choir
Were singing 'Galway Bay'"...

Saw Doctors
"I Wanna Kiss the Bangles"

"and Shane MacGowan's not my type
'cause his teeth are all green and mangled..."

"Across the USA"

"I dreamt I met MacGowan
and he bought another round..."

"The Queen and Tequila"

(thanks to Bob for passing these along)

"It was a Friday night, we were down at Paddy's bar
Joe Hurley came up to me, he said how're you doing so far?
He said MacGowan's drinking down the street
So we jumped in a cab, because we couldn't stand on our feet.
We went down to the grocery, there he was at the bar
Sitting with his back to us, he wasn't very far
Rory walked right up, said can I buy you a fucking drink
The beautiful barmaid she said what do you boys think?"

and then in the last verse:

"So until the next time, this is what we say
Ramones and Shane MacGowan, rocks the USA."

New York Times Book Review
"How Soused I Was, How Soused"
A Review by Dwight Garner of James Kellman's You have to be Careful in the Land of the Free.
23/5/04, page 5

"Kelman's books are deeply humane; he's got a genius for climbing inside the craniums of bounders and cheats and hard-luck cases. But his books can bleed together in your head, the way the songs on the classic Pogues record 'Rum, Sodomy and the Lash' might if you'd fallen asleep to the album and found it still playing, loudly, the next hung-over morning."

Jesse Malin
"Mona Lisa"
The Heat

(thanks to Shay for the heads up)

"Hanging with the local talent
Drinking like your Shane McGowan
Going through your garbage try to turn into gold..."

note: this is right off the cd booklet and there's 2 typos. First, it's "MacGowan" as most of you folks know, but also it should be "you're Shane MacGowan." The professor in me hates idiot editorial errors. :-)

Mojo Nixon
"Shane's Dentist"
(thanks to Derek for passing this along)

"Shane's dentist don't work too hard, always at the pub
Shane says he ain't comin' back 'til they're down to a nub"

The Onion (July 2001 issue)

"Contrary to what today's kids think, it's not cool to have Shane MacGowan teeth."

The Simpsons 2003 Calendar
(thanks to DP for passing this along)

On 25 December the calendar marks Shaney Mac's birthday.

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